Видеопоздравление на девичник от подруг

Видео от подруг на девичник состоит:

  1. показ видео где вы с подругами болтаете о чем-то
  2. титры ДЕВИЧНИК на фото с вами
  3. показ воображаемой беседы будущей невесты с подругами о пожеланиях как провести девичник. Здесь показываем обсуждение девичника из фильмов и фото вас и ваших подруг и ваши видео с посиделок/вечеринок.
  4. далее после титра СУМАСШЕДШИЙ ДЕВИЧНИК показываем кадры с ваших самых горячих вечеринок. Тут используем динамичные кадры из ярких клипов.
  5. переходим «к утру» после горячего празднования. Тут показываем вашу беседу из фильма о прошлом и показ смешных фото с вечеринок. Текст актеров переделывается под ваш запрос.
  6. В конце пожелания от вас невесте под показ ваших фото.

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Video for a bachelorette party from friends

The video shows an example of a hot flight congratulations for a bachelorette party using footage of a friend and bride visiting a male striptease. The example is made in English, since many of the friends do not speak only English.

We offer to create a unique video greeting for your bachelorette party from your friends.

A video greeting is an original and memorable gift that will become a highlight of the holiday. It will allow you to express your sincere feelings and wishes, and also create an atmosphere of joy and fun.

Ideas for video greetings for a bachelorette party:

1. Life Story: Collect photos and videos that tell the story of your friendship and moments together.

2. Kind words: Ask each friend to write down a wish or memory.

3. Love Story: Create a slideshow with photos and captions that talks about your friendship.

4. Breaking news — a story about friendship through a news announcer and showing joint photos and videos.

5. Musical break: cover famous songs as if they were written for your company.

6. A story about your most amazing event together, for example, a congratulations using footage from a visit to a male striptease.

The structure of a video greeting with a striptease can be like this:

— In the video you can use footage from different moments of the bride’s life, including her childhood, school years, student years and, of course, preparation for the wedding. You can also add a photo from a male striptease, which will remind the bride of her courage.

-The girlfriends can then wish the bride happiness and love throughout her life.

Such a video greeting will be an original and unforgettable gift for the bride, which she will keep for many years.

The video creation process includes script writing, filming and editing. We will help you at every stage and guarantee high quality results.

Don’t miss the opportunity to please your friends with a special gift for a wedding or bachelorette party.

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